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Hard Scoops and Singing Prose
Loaded w/ Beautiful Illustrations
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Zest of the Rest
Archive Jewels to Run your Fingers Over
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Treat Yourself to The Fence
Delivered to your Door
Issue 9
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How Books Get Blurbed
Buy and Shell: the Battle for Fabergé Eggs
Fiction from Cathy Thomas
Playing Quidditch on Clapham Common
Peter Hitchens: An Illustrated Almanac
What’s the Worst Bar in London?
Issue 8
Inside London Fashion Week
Keir Eye for the Straight Guy
Why Are You Asking Me This?
The Worst Pitches of All Time!
Fiction from Claire Lowdon
Grim Tidings at the Glossies
Issue 7
***SOLD OUT***
Fleet Street’s Rightward Turn
Adam Curtis Hate Matrix
Josh Hawley’s Schooldays
Rob Macfarlane: Rimmed by Trout?
Fiction from Rebecca Watson
Curtain Call for London’s Theatres!
Issue 6
Who Funds London’s Museums?
Novelists of Instagram
Pray Not to Be Gay: Inside Conversion Therapy
The State of British Nature Writing
What the LRB Bought Me
John Banville’s Stag Weekend!
Issue 5
***SOLD OUT***
Our Friends in Hereford: Inside the SAS
Martin Amis World Exclusive
The Economist on The Economist
Fiction from Sophie Mackintosh & Rob Palk
Brand Partnership Alert! Introducing Teen Fence
Issue 4
On the Trail of the Calabrian Mafia
Burying my Grandfather, Online
National Harambe Service: a Short Story
Ian McEwan’s Swag Bag!
Digital Media Carnage
Samuel Pepys in Lockdown
Issue 3
The Twenty Rudest People in London
An Illustrated Guide to World War Three
Truman Capote’s 2020 Ball
Understanding Giles Coren
Keir Starmer Reads Danny Dyer!
Laurence Sterne Rides Again
Issue 2
Indie Kid Dreams: London Haunts III
Patrick Bateman at The Wolseley
Eng. Lit. Canon and Current Views on Brexit
How To Dress for your Boring Job
Conversations w/ friends about Sally Rooney
Chuka Ummuna's Silent Disco
Issue 1
Meghan Markle Dons a Hard Hat
Jordan Peterson: Lobster Thermidor
Super Tutor Confessions
My Very Vulgar English Wedding: the Musical!
Fresh Verbiage – The Slang Graphic
14.5 Reasons Why Your Relationship is Already Over
Brexit Special
Speeches that Could Have Been Given
Scandal Collage: Corruption Galore!
Evelyn Waugh: a Fictive Seer
Mitzi von Pappendorf: London’s Hottest New Influencer
Letters to Jane Austen – the Fence’s Agony Aunt
Underground Dance Music Tribes of London

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