The Fence is an independent quarterly magazine based in London.

We publish essays, short comic sketches, features and fiction. We also publish ‘insider’ accounts, often anonymously, by people with unique insight into powerful institutions and current events. The magazine ships internationally but is focused around life in the capital.

We’re committed to promoting the work of young writers in an industry that often fails to make space for them. All our writers are paid.


You will have to pitch us an idea. The best way to get a sense of what we publish is to subscribe to the magazine or buy the most recent issue.

We publish four kinds of pieces, which correspond to the four sections of our magazine: ‘Facts’, ‘Features’, ‘Fiction’, ‘Etc’. The magazine is published four times a year, with a long outlay in time between pitching and publication. If your submission is very timely, you should consider pitching it for online.

Facts: These pieces tend to be written by experts in a given field and give the reader first-hand insight into an important institution or major current news story. These can be published anonymously, if necessary.

If you work at a company where malpractice is common, if you have personal insight into a major ongoing news story, or if you simply have a job that people are fascinated to hear about, please get in touch. We’re also interested in hearing from people in professions that rarely make the headlines, but which have a silent impact on the world we live in.

Features: we’re looking for essays, investigations and reported pieces with a comic edge. We’re interested in witty, inventive and incisive responses to contemporary culture, as well as reported accounts of strange little worlds that haven’t featured widely in the media. We’re particularly interested in publishing stories that focus on the parts of London life most people haven’t heard about.

Most of our features only run in print. But you could look at this collaborative essay, or this piece on the future of the London restaurant world to get a feel.

Fiction: Unfortunately, we are not currently accepting fiction submissions.

Etc: Everything else, the others and the rest. These are short comic sketches, monologues, lists, open letters, faux academic treatises, comic articles, imitations, parodies: anything that will make people laugh.

Please bear in mind that some comic pieces are very time-sensitive! A quick, funny response to today’s or yesterday’s news is great. A funny response to last month’s news is... less great.


You can! If you’re looking to write an article or feature, you should pitch us an idea at info@the-fence.com.

It’s very helpful if you put the word ‘pitch’ somewhere in the subject line so we can distinguish you from the SEO guys who won't stop emailing us.

If you want to submit a comic sketch, please note that we can’t accept pitches for these. You have to show us the whole thing. (Sorry.)

We look forward to hearing from you!