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Have you seen Parasite?

Have you seen Parasite?

Have you seen Parasite?

Really, you have to. I watched it last night. It’s an amazing piece of filmmaking – and an important one too. You must see it right now.

Bong Joon Ho gets it – the one-inch-wall of subtitles is all that stands between us and so many good films.

You don't know South Korean film? Start with the Vengeance trilogy, then see everything else. Someone did a Twitter thread of the 50 best South Korean films of the last year. Required reading, required watching.

Speaking of required watching, have you seen Uncut Gems? Propulsive, invigorating. It must be a career best for Sandler. I'd love to see it with you, but I'm already booked in to see it with someone else.

I went to a Q&A with the Safdie Brothers at the BFI in 2017. For their previous film. Good Time. It was a spectacle. It's still available on their online portal.

Now that reminds me of something Richard Brody said in his review of Uncut Gems – what? You haven't read Richard Brody? He’s the most important critic. Everyone we know reads him!

Have you seen Little Women? So intelligently done. As a man, I loved it. Everyone’s talking about it, but almost no one knows this – rather than using digital film, it was shot on pieces of fabric cut from Jim Jarmusch's kimonos.

The artistic community, I know. So important.

Roger Deakins’ cinematography is mind-blowing. Of course, no one cares and it doesn’t matter, but he must win this year. 1917 is such a step forward. I went to a Q&A with him last year, that was later included in an anthology: 1001 Q&As to Re-endure Before You Die.

So enlightening.

The Q&A with Sven Nykvist is represented as a short graphic novel where the conversation takes place between two dead bodies hanging from a gallows in seventeenth-century Sweden. The editor actually hanged himself before he finished transcribing that Q&A.

I know! Art and life, life and art. The mis en abyme of it all.

There’s an amazing long read about it actually. I think it was called ‘The Amazing Story of Swedish Euthanasia Law, Ingmar Bergman and What It's Like To Be A Journalist in Your Thirties When The World is Ending’.

I’ve read that someone has already bought the global rights. It should come out around this time next year. I'll send you the link.

Have you seen Atlantics? Oh, you should! I'd love to go see it with you, but I've already seen it, and promised to see it again with Maya. Yes – you’re right, I don’t like her at all, but I think it will be really interesting to watch a film with someone who you totally despise.

A beautiful film – and an important one, I thought.

I’d love to stay and discuss it, but I’m going to see Parasite again. At the Curzon in Mayfair. No one ever goes there. What’s that? Do you know, it’s really the kind of film you have to see twice.

And when you have seen it twice – please – let me know what you think.

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