Banqueting House

Pauline pop classicism, c.f. ‘Martha My Dear’, ‘For No One’, ‘Yesterday’.

Royal Albert Hall

Admires John Lennon’s commitment to sonic experimentation, particularly ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’, but also concedes that Paul is a more accomplished melodist.

St Paul’s Cathedral

Ironically, John.

The Barbican

John. Thinks he could have done more in the vein of ‘Revolution 9’. Not a fan of the solo material. Despises Imagine, but loves ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’.

Royal Festival Hall

George. Believes that All Things Must Pass isn’t just the best solo album, but the best Beatles album overall.

The Gherkin

Definitely likes The Beatles. Not so sure who wrote what, but owns the Love remix album on vinyl. Does not know who Pete Best is.

Battersea Power Station

The Stones. Vocal about global climate injustice but still does coke.

The Hoover Building

Has some time for their earlier music, but basically went off them post Help. Heard ‘Honey Pie’ once and laughed out loud, asking if this was what the big deal was about.

No.1 Poultry

Says Ringo, and thinks this makes it come across as a Dadaist provocateur. It does not.

Royal Naval College

Paul. Lost virginity to ‘The Long and Winding Road’. Doesn’t talk about it very much.

Highpoint 1




All Saints, Margaret Street

Loves John. As a teenager, had a poster and a t-shirt of him. Cried at Nowhere Boy. Insists on playing ‘Julia’ on Spotify when coming down at after-parties.

Balfron Tower

John. Wholeheartedly agrees with his evaluation of Paul’s granny music.

Trellick Tower

Paul. Fond of pointing out that John hit women.

The Natural History Museum

Paul, but more because Paul is less traditionally cool than anything about the music. Doesn’t watch the news.

Westminster Palace

Says George, which is code for liking John, but not wanting to seem overly basic.

Vauxhall Bus Station

Rejects the question on principle as a post-High Fidelity attempt to nerdishly hijack the conversation towards talking about the Beatles again, even though as songwriters they were sub-tin-pan alley, and as innovators much more conservative than West Coast contemporaries like the Beach Boys, Spector and Zappa.

Talgarth Road Artists Houses

George, but doesn’t obsess over music in general – just really likes ‘Something’.

The T-34 At The Top of Old Kent Road

100% John

Kenwood House

Wings, and means it. Maintains Ram is a better album than Sgt. Pepper’s.

The Shard

Doesn’t listen to music made before 1998.

Canary Wharf

Both of them equally. Owns special editions of all Beatles and solo albums, in multiple formats. Hangs them on walls, alongside a (purely decorative) collection of Gibson guitars. Reads Bob Lefsetz and nods sadly in agreement about the state of modern music.

The BT Tower

Brian Wilson. Specifically, The Smile Sessions. Will defend Magical Mystery Tour, however.

The Brunswick

Can’t name any Beatles songs, but would recognise them if they came on the radio. Loving parent of four.