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English Lit. Canon

and their Current Views

on Brexit

English Lit. Canon

and their Current Views

on Brexit


Pretends to be above it all in a tediously predictable manner.

William Blake

Heartbroken Lexiteer.

Virginia Woolf

A remainer, but a spectacularly unhelpful one.

Brontë Sisters

Can’t get over the fact that Branwell voted leave.


Irritated by how much time he spends following the action on Twitter.


Refers to the whole thing as ‘the strange-eyed spectacle on Little Britain Street’ and is unsurprisingly very pleased with his little meta-textual pun.

Nancy Mitford

With Decca now national convener for Momentum, and Diana a special correspondent for Fox News, she’s certainly no shortage of material.


Starting to get very hacked off with Andrew Marvell posting political memes in the lads WhatsApp group.

D.H Lawrence

Still trying to sell the details of his affair with Annunziata Rees-Mogg to the Daily Mail.

Henry James

Finds the Trump/ Brexit analogies inexcusably facile.


Bankrupt: he re-mortgaged Abbotsford to finance the Rory Stewart campaign.

Dr Johnson

Triumphant Leaver. Jeers whenever Simon Schama appears on the TV.


He writes that he enjoys the ‘spectacle of despoiled Britannia burning from afar’. In reality, he has a big wedge invested with Odey Asset Management.

Daniel Defoe

Eccentric Remainiac patriarch. Toddles off to the local newsagent to photocopy Marina Hyde articles, which he then posts to his children.

T.S Eliot

His line about ‘pondering what Lancelot Andrews would have made it of all’ is beginning to run thin.


Bored by Channel 4 producers asking him to make a documentary about his childhood in the Brexit heartlands of Lincolnshire.


Currently re-writing The Dunciad.


Amused by the whole thing, but depressed by the commentary accompanying it.

K. Amis

True to contrarian form, a voluble Remainer.


Fallen out with Amis owing to the above.

Laurence Sterne

Has learned to modify his views when he comes down from Coxwold.

George Eliot

Militantly remain, but friends scoff at her claim that she’s never met a leaver.

Oscar Wilde

Making a fortune with his series of glittering op-eds for the New York Times.


Dinner party dominating Remainer. Keeps pestering Fintan O’ Toole if he would like to be put up for the Garrick.


Fanatical no-dealer; totally opposed to any negotiations in any form with the Republic of Ireland.

E. Browning

Elizabeth Barrett Browning #FBPE #Peoples Vote &/or #Revoke Article 50 🕷️ has never been one for concession.


Deeply humiliated that Daniel Kawczynski is sponsoring his Settled Status papers.


Still, despite the plaintive pleas of his friends and family, completely and utterly obsessed with Anna Soubry.


Didn’t vote four and a half years ago, now dead.

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